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Comprehensive Guide for Driver's Using Adaptive Driving Equipment To Help Purchase A Vehicle
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Hi, my name is Josh Ingalls and I want to welcome you to Control the Road. Control the Road is an organization dedicated to providing an equal car buying experience for everyone.

In the next few minutes, you are going to discover how drivers with physical disabilities from all over the country can buy the vehicle of their choice, regardless of adaptive equipment needed. You're about to discover the secret to navigate through the car buying process with confidence.

We've created this comprehensive free guide to give you the answers to the important questions and challenges every driver with an ambulatory disability faces:

* What mobility research tools do you need to make a good vehicle purchase?

* How do you get guidance prior to attempting to purchase a vehicle with adaptive equipment?

* What are the key things to know when purchasing a vehicle from a dealership when I need adaptive equipment?

* What questions should I bring with me when I purchase a vehicle?

* What are some of the challenges I may face when purchasing a vehicle that needs adaptive equipment?

Also, if you're serious about wanting to apply the information in this guide when you are ready to purchase your first vehicle with adaptive equipment, make sure to check out this exciting resource right now.


Josh Ingalls

* Also, on the next page, you will get all the details about how you can immediately get matched with a dealer in your area and save yourself endless headaches going into the wrong one!
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